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October 31, 2014

It's that time of year again. The time for pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, leggings, Hocus Pocus and all things spooky. That's right every thing basic!

10. She has a tattoo of her Zodiac sign.

9. Her favorite color is Netflix.
8. Her three meals a day consist of Chipotle, Chipotle, and Chipotle.
7. She watches Hills reruns for relationship advice. She refers to Lauren Conrad as her life coach.
6. She’s still quoting Mean Girls.
5. She exchanges Christmas cards with her local Starbucks barista.
4. Her Twitter bio reads “Live, Laugh, Love.”
3. Sporting a sock bun has become a daily routine.
2. Taylor Swifts new album is the soundtrack to her life.
1. She loves taking Facebook quizzes to see which Friends character is most like her.