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January 05, 2010



Yesterday was another chore day for me ~ can you believe that?!  My “to do” list included: 1.) Take Christmas ornaments off the trees, 2.) Take a nap, 3.) shower and 4.) Pick-up my kids from school.  Well, I thought that was the extent of that list but I also had to add grocery shopping, cooking and drive my boys to their swimming practice.   


I am pretty proud of myself that I accomplished all of these ~ CHECK.  I was a domestic goddess for the day.


Anyway, this blog is about my bonding time with my three sons; Max, Gabe and Xavier.  I was really excited to pick the boys up from school.  It was my first time to pick them up after school this school-year.  They were pretty excited and were in a talkative mood when they got into the car. 


I had to yell at them to shut-up and told them that I will tie them up and will be riding in the trunk. 


Well, that’s what I was thinking . . .


On the way to the grocery store, our conversation went like this:


Max (the oldest and is sitting in front):

Did you know that it’s illegal to cut the tail of a cow in Texas ?  (Now, the two younger boys at the back are listening intently)



What’s in Texas? Why would they cut it?



Because the owner does not want to take the time to groom it.  But what if the cow wanted its tail later on?


Avery (is the youngest one who always wants to be included in any conversation):

Yeah, that would be unfair to the cow.



Mom, did we have tails when we were born?



At this point I was thinking of my anatomy and names of the bones.  Actually I was thinking of the song . . . “The foot bone’s connected to the . . . leg bone”  What the heck is connected to the coccyx?  While  I was pondering the bony appendages, my middle child answered for me: 



We did have tails.  Mom cut it because she did not want to groom it and she glued it in front!  That’s how we got our tally whacker.


Who would not be tickled with them?