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August 09, 2010


The Silver Screen gave us many actors to gaze upon. Many of whom have scared the shit out of us from when we were kids and well into our adult lives.

I did not include comic book or cartoon villains because that's a list I will compose on a later time. This is strictly for live action movie villains.

I composed a list of my favorite, I hope you will agree.

10. Dr. Hannibal Lecture portrayed by Anthony Hopkins

He still scares me every time I hear him talk.

9. Jack Torrance portrayed by Jack Nicholson

Those eyes are still hard to look at

8. Simon Gruber portrayed by Jeremy Irons

He made being evil fun

7. Cathrine Tramell portrayed by Sharon Stone's

Ah the gratuitous beaver shot.

now where was I oh yes

6. Pamela Voorhees portrayed by Betsy Palmer

You'd be pissed too if your son was killed by dumb camp counselors.

5. Freddy Kruger Portrayed by Robert Englund

Being able to sneak into your kids dreams really is evil

4. Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader as he is commonly known portrayed by David Prowse and voiced by James Earl Jones

The Force was strong with this evil bastard.

3. Howard Payne portrayed by Dennis Hopper

Keanu only wished he can be this bad

2. Agent Smith portrayed by Hugo Weaving

He just downloaded shit into my pants.

1. Hatcher portrayed by Christopher Walken

You reached into the wrong refrigerator.

Many of these actors had other roles where they portrayed great villains but the list had to come to an end. and so does this blog.

Take care folks. Thanks for stopping by my page.