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February 22, 2016

So how long until we get to see 'Fantastic 4-Play' and 'Captain America X'?

After smashing all sorts of records, Deadpool is proving that superhero movies no longer need to play it safe with a PG-13 rating. As the fans get older and more mature, the big studios are taking the hint. Here’s a list of newly announced comic book movies that are anticipating a “Hard R” rating.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Fucking Superman!
Superman is fucking fighting General Zod all over the fucking place. Fuck.

Super Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
DC is totally revamping Supergirl’s origin story. It’s darker, but fans will be cheering when she sticks an ice crystal in Lex Luther’s butt.

Spiderman 4: The Hangover
If you’re looking for a raunchy comedy, look no further. After a night of drunken crime fighting, Spiderman needs to figure out what the hell happened last night?

Batman Fucks Superman: Dawn of Equality
Finally the story we’ve all been waiting for. In the intolerant world of Gotham City, we explore the complex emotions of a forbidden love.


Captain America X
When Captain America infiltrates the world of white supremacist groups in the racially divided South, he learns that when it comes to hate, America needs more than a shield.

Suicide Squad: The Aftermath
When members of the Suicide Squad start actually committing suicide, the world mourns.

Hawk Man and Hawk Girl: Indecent Proposal
Vandal Savage offers a million dollars to sleep with Hawkgirl.

Fantastic 4: 4Play
The often maligned series has finally found an angle that works. Thing is always rock hard but sometimes Mr. Fantastic needs to be stretched out.

Sex Men: Origins
How did the X-Men become the Sex-Men? We finally get to see the story of the key party that changed it all.

Fuck Boi
Fuck Boi is a new creation in the new R-rated Marvel Universe. When his “Mommy and Daddy” are killed in front of him, Fuck Boi vows to seek revenge.

The Avengers: Age of Sex Trafficking
After defeating Thanos in Infinity Wars, The Avengers will assemble again to take on a Russian sex trafficking ring.

The Punisher: 50 Shades
After The Punisher captures Kingpin, they push the traditional boundaries of the hero/villain relationship. They push it real hard.