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March 27, 2017

This man is trying to sell a house by dressing up as a parrot, but no-one knows who he is.

We all have seen housing advertisementsbeing all formal and serious to make the buyer and the seller settle in aserious discussion of transaction. But leaving all odds apart here we actuallycame across one of the bravest house owners who has taken its time and troubleto really get in to an attractive parrot costume in order to improve hispromotion campaign in selling up his home. Now how great is that? Indeed whowould even forget it? Certainly it’s an unforgettable way of making peoplealways and everyday think of your costumes and your home and have a nice laughabout. Thanks for making people’s lives better, parrot man.

Real estate experts in the United Kingdom have always thought that the best wayto get on with promotions is through a humorous mode. Which is indeed true andpeople don’t forget it. The first image shows how the parrot is relaxing andchillaxing on the bed having the greatest time of the year. Who wouldn’t loveto snuggle on that bed with parrot man?


The outdoor area is also introduced byshowing the parrot having a barbecue stove and surely preparing for anotherparrot party tonight maybe. Who knows, there maybe more parrots over there.


Tadaaa! Look at that brilliant view fromthe living room. The landscape of mountain ranges would make your day andsurely the parrot family’s day a vibrant and happy one. What’s better thanwaking up to a naturesque view like this?


Believe it or not, the parrot man is inlove with such a huge house and he is showing it off to you now. So open yourblessed eyes and look at it because the parrot really wants you to do so. So goahead and listen to him and don’t disappoint him. All he wants is to attractyou.


Indulge yourself in some give start foodmaking process where the parrots could also enjoy this first with you. Look atthe amazing kitchen wear to get you fall in love with food making.


Look how pleasantly the parrot isattired to participate in its meal time, unlike you who would just sit in yourdining table with your pyjamas on. Let’s try to learn something from him. Lookhow neat and beautiful the dining table is maintained. Can you actually do that?Well, a parrot can.


Resting on the couch like a king is what I do,so could you please excuse me and give me some privacy if you don’t mind. Justlike you and me the parrot too loves to feel the warmth on a couch even when you evicting tenants. Having a great spacious living room is what is greatabout the parrots home which is actually put up for sale.


Have a bath everyday to smell likeviolet flowers, I love it when you come close and sniff me saying I smell good.I smell good because I actually had a bath at this special bathroom. Yes! It’sfor sale.


Relaxing and having my space outdoor inthe evening surely gives you a time of your life. Which is why we even see thegreat parrot having a time here and celebrating life at its best.