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August 30, 2010

Shit hits the fan.

The Situation

"I'm hookin up wit this girl, your girl's girl, and her girlfriend's girlfriend's girlfriend, somebody's gotta do it."

"Now I have Kristen, and she brought her friend, who just happens to be, a hippopotamus."

"I put the hippopotamus to sleep, then I take Kristine, or Kristen pfff whatever her name was, into the uh, smash room, and um...do you want me to say what happens next?"

To Angelina: "Clean the house, you dirty mess"

Angelina to Sitch: "Say Please"
Sitch: "PLEASE hit the fuckin' treadmill

"Multiple fat chicks, it is the truth, i mean if it's on paper it's the truth"

DJ Pauly D

"What are we doing? Gym, Tan, Find out who wrote the note? GTF?"


"Do you know what gay guys do?  They're not attracted to vagina, they're attracted to butthole."

"Word of the day, sympathetic, that's a big word."


To JWoWW during a high five: "I don't know if you wanna touch that hand" (Morning after he had a girl)


"This note basically told me that Ron, gets with fat chicks, gets with girls...every shitty thing Ron has done to me here"


"If I find out it was Mike I'm fucking breaking his face"

"How big's a grave? 6 feet? Probably like 2 and a half 3 feet down right now haha"

Sammi: "Did you make out with anybody?
Ronnie: "I don't think so, no"