JAN 31, 2012 


Princess, a camel living in New Jersey, has gained notice from the media after correctly picking the winner of five of the last six Super Bowls and choosing the New York Giants to win the big game this year.  

You know what this means - Jesus is now outsourcing football to the rest of the nativity scene.


Several kindergartens in northern China are charging parents $190 for a palm-reading test that can apparently predict their child’s potential and intelligence.

Thanks, but as far as Chinese fortune-telling goes, I’ll stick to cookies.


Over the weekend, the annual “Tough Guy” challenge was held in Perton, England, which involves an assault course that forces participants to literally jump through open flames.

The winners of this challenge have the distinction of their wives asking “So, Mr. Tough Guy, would it kill you to do the dishes once in a while?”


North Carolina lawmaker Larry Pittman said in a leaked email this week that it’s time to bring back the death penalty in the form of public hangings.

Pittman is so insistent on this stance that when his friend offered up a high five in support, he left him hanging.


It’s been confirmed that Paula Abdul will not be returning to “The X Factor”. This news comes just days after the announcement that judges Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones will also be leaving the show.

Three “X”-s? The show just lost at its own show.  


Rapper Snoop Dogg has apparently granted his endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, on the basis of getting so high he thought he was endorsing Sean Paul.


South Africa has recalled over a million defective condoms they handed out earlier this month.

Suspicion was aroused about the authenticity of said condoms after it was reported that wearing them felt way too good.