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Published August 20, 2013
(LOS ANGELES - August 16, 2013) - With a camera crew and actors and friends posing as bouncers, fans, a hot girlfriend and a reporter, male model Coby Persin of Model Pranksters pulled off yet another large stunt - this time in the heart of New York City’s busiest streets. Emmy Award-winning journalist Sidney Alvarez also lent his vocal talent to a voiceover sequence. On August 4, 2013, Persin’s crowd of 20 “fans,” consisting of friends and volunteers he gathered from Craigslist, stood around Times Square with fake magazine covers while a reporter and a camera crew prepared for his arrival. As people flooded the street and waited to catch a glimpse of Persin, several tourists spoke to the reporter, giving interviews about the unknown “celebrity.” And when he finally pulled up in a black SUV, surrounded by bodyguards, the anxious crowd went wild! Thousands of tourists flocked closer to trail him as he walked through the busy streets. Some tourists even stopped to grab photos with the unsuspecting prankster. “Videos like this are a lot of fun to do,” said Persin. “While the prank is really a social experiment making a profound statement about how modern culture is so attracted to the ideal of ‘celebrity,’ without any real credibility needed, people seem to enjoy it even after they realize they’ve been pranked.” In three hours’ time, Persin took more than 500 photos with “fans.” It took an additional hour to eventually lose the crowds, as they followed him all throughout Times Square until he and his crew eventually made it to a garage that housed the parked SUV. Two guards blocked the entrance to the garage while Persin and his entourage sped away. The video of Coby Persin’s Times Square prank, along with more information about the male model, can be seen on YouTube at He will soon be conducting another prank in a city yet to be determined.

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