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December 15, 2008


So i'm supposed to be studying for this english exam i have at 9 in the morning, yet i get near the computer and suddenly i (pop down this window, bring up the sparknotes on paradise lost...wait, thats a title, and therrrre we go...paradise lost) (facebook blips at me though, its the rad smart girl in my class attempting to help me.  this is a good distraction.  she was smart and paid attention.  i suffered from some kind of ADD and spent the last month doodling) (i read long enough to get an idea of something then click back here and type more stuff up long enough to see i have more facebook messaging goin down)  (repeat)
anyways, the point here is yes i do get distracted, but apples are the tastiest of fruits that come from trees that arent bananas or oranges.  raspberries come from bushes, so they dont count.  they also dont have fingers, which makes the addition process tricky for them.
you see, with this english that ive been trying to get into now for the past 3 months, its an english that was made before the twentieth century, when writing began to be formulated in any form of coherency.  and how before you ask?  well its from the 16th and 17th centuries, before things that really mattered were invented, like lights, cars and sliced bread.  seriously, can you imagine toast on anything but sliced bread?  and i dont mean like the stuff you slice yourself  cause i know you're slicing that 5 inches too thick.  im talkin machine sliced stuff that fits convieniently in the ever-popular four-slice toaster; i'm a bit of a toast chef here though, so i'll understand that this idea has just gone over your head.
you know whats the worst about this exam? the prof says its on everything we've studied, and im sitting there saying "well clearly i havent read anything, just like half the other kids here...surely he's got to be kidding".  now unfortunately, im neither sitting next to a funny person or a girl named shirley so they just tell me that obviously an end of the year final is about the whole course, to which i reply "im surprised he didnt just say 'you see your text books there? just open them up and start reading...thats what the exam is on. i could test you on paradise lost or the table of contents.  it'll be fun'".  now the trick here is that profs found this stuff fun, hence why they're doctors of it.  they fail to realize that people like me are forced into these studies because of the students' arch nemesis...the required class (theres a comic title in there somewhere im sure).  they only engage in discussions that somehow involve the subject matter they are teaching and live in a magical land where every student seems to be capable of reading all readings they've assigned and thats all they do.  little do they realize that most students have an average of 3 or 4 more classes run by more profs in the same little bubble, assigning seven novels about people you dont want to know about. aw fuuuuhhhhridge magnets...i really need to start reading some more here, and stop the rant.  i wonder what the word count for this is...

(Word Count: 553, for those actually wondering) ("for those actually wondering" makes it 557)