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November 01, 2008


Everyone has weighed in and I thought to myself, why not explain the way you see it? Here is the Dealeo. I don't see in any way, any how, or any kindly worded way that McCain can be voted in as the next President of the United States of America. I'm not trying to piss the republicans or anything, I consider myself quite conservative on many issues, and very progressive on more. McCain is old. Very old. He just doesn't relate to the voting masses of the public. McCain can't possibly be elected President because he wistles his s-es. I hate that, it gives me the creeps. McCain cant be elected President because he speaks with a creepy slyness. I expect him to say at anytime-"Isn't that right Mr. Smithers..." . That is in itself very weird. McCain can't be President because He looks like Ben-Gay smells. Sarah Palin well .... fill in the blank...... McCain walks like the Penguin. I know he is a Guantanamo survivor, oh wait not that torture camp. He was a Hanoi Hilton survivor and thats why he walks that way, but he is real old. Ok Ok Ok, enough beating up on McCain... Positives for McCain..... He'll save the country money, here is how.... He will dismiss the White House kitchen staff because they will be replaced by Meals On Wheels. He will fire the President's personal Dentist, he will be replaced with a jar by the bed. He will sell on E-Bay the presidential treadmill, he will replace it with the Jazzy battery charger. His Cabinet posts will be lower to the floor than previous presidential Cabinets, wait wrong kind of Cabinet. You get the drift right? Obama said something that I liked, He said," I got where I am today because my grandmother scrimped and saved." Scrimped, that is a word my grandmother used when she was alive to explain to me how to survive this world. I know it is weird to vote on one word, but, that word weighed with me, it connected to me,with me, for me. Besides there is so much negitive stuff flying around about him from his oposition that maybe, just maybe there is some truth to the old saying, When a stone is thrown into a pack of dogs, the dog that yelps is the one it hit.I'm not saying Vote Obama, all I'm saying is Tuesday we are going to know early who the next president is going to be, I don't think its even going to be close. I think McCain will call to congratulate Obama before the Laurance Welch show is over. Maybe after Gun Smoke goes off. Remember that joke was for McCain.