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May 10, 2013

Production error leads to recall that could cost Frito Lay up to 5 million dollars in profit loss.



Pictured Above: America's obesity

PLANO, TX-Frito Lay, manufacturer of Doritos, has announced yesterday they are recalling 10,000 bags of Cool Ranch flavored tortilla chips that might come in the shape of a taco shell. “Both Frito Lay and our Doritos brand are very embarrassed about this mix-up and sincerely apologize to anyone who opened up bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and found taco shell shaped chips,” said Roger Johnson, Communications Director at Frito Lay. He added that it was most likely a production error from an unessential low-level employee that caused the recall that will probably cost the company somewhere around five million dollars in profit loss. “We could not directly locate the individual who bagged and shipped the taco shell chips so we fired every employee in all of our production and distribution factories in three countries. Doritos does not make mistakes.” Johnson then told reporters that any customer emotionally offended by this very minor inconvenience should contact their legal department to be reimbursed and given a hug.