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December 28, 2009

I’m a little sad right now.

In the last 12 months I’ve basically become a fat piece of shit.  According to the wii fitness game, I weigh roughly 223 pounds -- which by the way, is the fattest I’ve ever weighed. And to make matters worse, that fucking wii fitness video game even blew up my mii character to proportionally match my weight and I now look like the bastard son of Wario.

As a result, I’m currently sporting a “fat line” series of XL dress shirts because I’m too fat to wear the normal larges that I’m used to.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m sad about. I’m sad because last weekend I was bringing a bunch of my dirty XL fat shirts to the only dry cleaners I’ve known for the past 6 years -- the Swiss Cleaners located on 7219 Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood, California:

…and I was heartbroken to learn that they went out of business over a month ago.

Here’s the sign which used to hang above the back entrance door. Sadly it has been dismantled in preparation of being hauled off to the dump.

And here you can see the back entrance which has now been reduced to a bedroom and toilet area for some homeless person -- who probably doesn’t even appreciate the concept of clean laundry…

Despite the Swiss title and Swiss character, the owners weren’t even remotely close to being from Switzerland.  As with most dry-cleaning establishments, the owners were Asian. And although I’m not sure what exactly their nationality was, I want to say I'm pretty sure they were Korean -- although to be honest, I’m even less sure about which part of Korea.

Nonetheless, they were a friendly middle-aged couple. The Husband usually tended to the work while his wife dealt with customers -- and she did it with such friendliness. Every single time I entered the building, she would always greet me with a polite smile and say, “Hi! How are you!??”

What I loved most about the Swiss Cleaners was that the Wife always remembered my name. Every time I dropped off a fresh batch of shirts, she would always write “steve p” on the dry cleaning slip. An impressive task when you consider that in the city of Hollywood, she must of dealt with hundreds of customers every week.

But sadly, I never knew her name until it was too late.

Her name was Jae Sung Bae, and according to the notice, they went out of business on November 14th. You can't read it because the zoom function on IPhones suck cock -- but it's there.

And I’m pretty sure I went there to pick up my laundry just a few days before they physically went out of business. I just must have been oblivious to the all the “Going Out of Business“ signs posted on the wall -- although now that I think of it, I do remember finding it odd that there were barely any clothes hanging on the motorized hanging rack. And when I said, See ya next week” I remember her saying, “we won’t be open.”

I just hate the fact that the last time I went there was the last time I would ever get to go there -- and I didn’t know it.

You know, they always say you take for granted what you have until it’s gone. And that’s kinda how I feel about the Swiss Cleaners.

I feel like a family friend has died, and sadly, the reasons why I like living in Los Angeles has gotten smaller. But worst of all, I still have no idea where I’m gonna take my dry cleaning from now on…