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April 02, 2017

They are clearly the same person and I have clearly never read any other books.

1. They both believe certain people are better than others.

Donald Trump advocated for a ban of all Muslim immigration in his campaign, and as President, has tried to enact travel bans to the United States from seven, and now six, majority Muslim nations. He also attacked a federal judge presiding over the Trump University case because he had Mexican ancestry. Lord Voldemort supported essentially banning wizards who weren’t “pure-blooded.” Pretty similar if you ask me, but I also haven’t read many books outside the Harry Potter series so if there’s a better comparison out there I most likely wouldn’t know it.

2. They are both insecure.

Trump is incredibly thin-skinned, and verbally attacks everyone who speaks out against him, whether in speeches or on Twitter. Voldemort tried to punish anyone who so much as spoke his name aloud. I mean, could you even ask for a better possible literary juxtaposition? Probably not, but I guess I’m not entirely sure.

3. They both are fans of torture.

Trump has continually advocated for waterboarding and other torture tactics to get information from enemy combatants. Similarly, Lord Voldemort frequently used the Cruciatus Curse to torture those who opposed him. You don’t have to be the second coming of Einstein, or should I say Dumbledore, to realize that’s the optimal analogy. I think.

4. They are both authoritarians.

Trump is an authoritarian, or at least a wannabe authoritarian, who threatened to imprison his opposition and frequently praises dictators and brutal strongmen like Vladimir Putin. Voldemort was the biggest authoritarian we’ve ever seen. Well, at least he was is in the library of my mind, which admittedly isn’t all that comprehensive.

5. They both incite violence.

Trump has frequently incited violence, as he has praised his supporters who beat up and injured protestors at his rallies. Voldemort murdered scores of people. Has there ever been anyone more violent than him? Perhaps, but since the world of Harry Potter is really the only thing I can draw from, I’m gonna say no, there hasn’t been.

6. They both have hordes of loyal supporters.

Trump has a horde of supporters who would take a bullet for him and stand by him no matter what he says or does. Just look for the red hats. Voldemort had a horde of supporters, the Death Eaters, who were just as loyal. Of all the complete book series I’ve read, which is just one, the two men align in that aspect perfectly.

7. They both have huge egos.

Trump has a huge ego. For decades, he has bragged about his wealth, power, and conquering of women. Voldemort had a huge ego. For the sake of clarity, I’m going to officially limit the scope we’re working with from here on out and say that of any character in the Harry Potter series and Harry Potter series alone, no one had a bigger ego than Voldemort.

8. They both came from wealth.

Trump had a wealthy father, Fred Trump, who made a fortune and bestowed much of it to his son, through gifts, loans, and an inheritance. Voldemort also had a wealthy father, Tom Riddle Sr. Admittedly, Voldemort’s dad was never involved in his life, so I may be stretching a bit for this one, but it’s the best I can do, and it got me one step closer to 10, which my editor stressed was important.

9. They are both white.

Trump is white. Voldemort was white. I’ve also officially run out of ideas. As I said, my editor really wanted me to get to 10 by deadline, so you’re just going to have to buy in to this one and move on.

10. I’m sorry.

God damn it. Yeah, I’m tapped out. Couldn’t make it to 10. On a side note, maybe I’ll start reading some other books now, which could help for future articles as well as general literacy. Also, maybe it was a bit irresponsible to compare a real-life leader with real-life consequences to a fantasy children’s book villain. My bad.