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June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron was a genius and she will be truly missed. If you're having a hard time, allow me to help you through this grieving process.

It might be too hard to watch any of Nora Ephron's classics, like When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle or AOL-starrer You've Got Mail just yet, so it's important to focus on the fact that there are still good romantic comedies out there, and just because Nora Ephron is now tragically gone, the entire genre is not lost. To reaffirm that fact, you should watch these movies:

SAY IT ISN'T SO (2001)

This hilarious, heart-wrenching tale starts off with new lovers Heather Graham and Chris Klein discovering that they are brother and sister. Talk about a meet-cute!

But then, in a classic twist, it turns out that they AREN'T actually brother and sister and CAN be together and the babies they have will be half-formed mush-brained monsters because their parents are two cardboard cutouts, and NOT because their parents are brother and sister. But Heather Graham has already found another boyfriend, so it's a real nail-biter as to whether Chris Klein can win her back. Luckily, he does, with the help of a friend!

From the film's Wikipedia plot summary: 

 On his way to the town, Gilbert hits a legless middle-aged African-American named Dig McCaffrey (Orlando Jones). After stopping to help Dig, Gilbert offers Dig a ride. When they part, Dig tells Gilbert that he is one eighth Chippewa, (or Cherokee or Navaho), and that Gilbert saved his life, and therefore Dig is in debt to Gilbert.


Starring Academy Award™ winner Jessica Alba and renowned humanitarian Dane Cook, this madcap comedy is an absolute delight! Just look at how high Academy Award™ winner Jessica Alba's skirt is blowing!



My personal favorite! Starring American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson and Human Palm Tree Justin Guarini, this musical comedy really tugs on the heartstrings, as well as the guitarstrings LOL! Speaking of LOL, this groundbreaking film pushes the romantic comedy into the 21st century by involving cell phone hijinks in the star-crossed lover's relationship! GENIUS! 

I still remember the really suspenseful moment where the evil Alexa (spoiler alert!) deletes a text from Justin to Kelly (title alert!) so that Justin then thinks Kelly stood him up at the hamburger stand! ALEXA YOU EVIL BITCH! 


I don't think there's a better, more lovable onscreen romantic comedy headlining couple than Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days lays the groundwork for the dazzling chemistry that would later bring us the classic, ?Fool's Gold (2008). 

In this touching tearjerker, Kate Hudson, a frustrated writer, tries to get Matthew McConaughey, a supes lax diamond advertiser?, to dump her in ten days because THAT sounds like a REAL article full of INFORMATION. (RIP Magazine Industry.) 

MR. WRONG (1996)

Princess Diana almost marries the wrong Prince! Uh-oh!