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January 30, 2010


I was listening to Fresh Air a while back, as I am apt to do on my way home from work. She was interviewing some fisheries expert. He was talking about how the oceans are being over-fished. We’re catching and eating them faster than they can reproduce. Obviously that has some major ramifications that are affecting the delicate balance of the oceans' ecosystems. 

But before getting into that, I though it was interesting how the fishing industry is getting us to eat fish we didn't use to eat.  One way is to just change it's name.  Would you eat a slimehead?  Well, that's what orange roughy used to be called.

Another example is monkfish. They try to make sure that hardly anyone ever sees it with its head on, cause if you did, you sure as hell wouldn’t eat it.  Turns out, he was fucking right.

Remember that delicate balance?  The fish they are catching-out normally eat smaller fish. With fewer predators, the smaller fish population is growing like crazy, and eating more plankton, which normally takes care of all the algae. With little or no plankton to eat the algae, it’s starting to take over parts of the ocean. Kinda like when I used to have a swimming pool, and I let the water sit over the winter without treating it. Not a pretty sight.

So, no more fish for me.  To save our oceans, I'm swearing off seafood.  From now on, I am making the ultimate sacrifice and will eat nothing but rib-eyes.