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June 15, 2017

With MemoryTag you know you're getting the real emotion.

One of the things seldom talked about is when someone sends you a greeting card—–do they really mean it? What the card says?

Or, as is sometimes we all have to admit, are they just going through the motions by sending you a card?

Let me elaborate.

Let’s say you have a relative who is not particularly fond of you but each year they send you a birthday card. The card is the only interaction you have with this relative all year long. You never visit with each other and you never talk over the phone or even by email over the computer.

The only contact you have is your yearly “Happy Birthday”card.

The card is one of those boring generic cards you find at the grocery story in the card section that is outrageously overpriced at $7.95 and features merely a brainless cold statement of some kind like for example this inspiring missive, “Roses are Red Violets are Blue, Here’s Wishing You a Happy Birthday Too.”

Doesn’t this or something like it make you want to choke with emotion? Or maybe doesn’t it make you want to puke?

The person who bought this same-o same-o-card, the same kind like they bought last year, and the year before that, simply signs the card like you would sign a check, and with about the same level of emotion. Maybe they extravagantly add a couple words that would indicate their undying devotion written in their own hand to accompany the one-greeting-fits-everybody brainless, sterile, forgettable-three-minutes-later printed manufactured turned-out-by-the-millions old-fashioned greeting card.

Like for instance:

“Happy Birthday!”

And written in their own hand. WOW! I think I’m going to throw myself off a bridge I’m so excited.

But even more so, what if this person and you haven’t had the most pleasant kind of relationship? What if this person is a relative who has a generally low opinion of you? What if this person thinks you’re a coward,a momma’s boy, an anti-American subversive (because of your political views), and a lazy no-good bum?

But to go through the motions and be pleasant they send you a birthday card each year anyway because you are their relative and they’re trying to at least do the right thing once a year. They go to the grocery store and mindlessly choose a card, not with any thought or even reading the card to see if it has anything close to an appropriate jingle. If it says “Happy Birthday,” they just grab it without thought and check the price to see if it’s cheap enough (under $10).

They throw the card in the grocery bag and take the card home and sign the card and in pen add a few words of catatonic oblivion it’s so lifeless and then take the addressed card out to the mailbox and leave it for the mailman to pick up.

What feelings what joy!

If that’s the case, then the card really says “Happy Birthday,” that’s what it actually says, but it also says (without saying it), “Happy Birthday, you coward, momma’s boy, anti-American subversive, and lazy no-good bum.”

You see, in this case a card can become a kind of crutch, a device not sincerely felt, used by the sender to go through the motions and falsely attempt to act pleasant and avoid the reality of admitting the truth that, “I don’t like you I never did and I never will.” There are cards you can purchase from MemoryTag that express disdain.

A greeting card should not be an excuse…….or a crutch device to justify ill-will by avoiding reality.

MemoryTag cards flush out the imposters.

With a MemoryTag greeting card with its video capability,you can’t be a phony sending a card you don’t really mean because it requires some thought—-you can’t just sign it and send it like you would the electric bill.

You use your smartphone to record a video greeting of yourself. Then using the MemoryTag app you download the video on the small patch on the card. The person receiving the card also downloads the app, opens the card and with their smartphone plays back your greeting.

Unless you’re as good an actor as Meryl Streep there’s no possible way you can fake an affectionate video greeting. The very fact you went to the trouble to record the message means you really do care. You can’t just coldly sign-and-send like one of the overpriced boring old cards.

The era of the bogus greeting card is over at MemoryTag. https://memorytag.cards/.