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October 04, 2008


   Mornin' all! I just wanted to say that at least two good things happened this week. Most recently, 13 years later Mr. OJ Simpson is found guilty, in jail bound for prison. The families of his victims must be elated. That was great news, not known for how many years exactly yet. Am I sick to be happy about this? I hope he's a crippled old fart in his late 80s if he gets out. Chances are if the sentence is longer than 20 years, he'll die in there. He quit being a healthy athlete many moons ago & I hope his lavish lifestyle catches up w/him w/a vengence! Surely I can't be alone on this...

   The other news I personally was thrilled about is the fact that hurricane Laura never materialized. More importantly she never made landfall anywhere near the U.S. I'm sure you're thinking, SB7, why in God's name are you so happy about that? I mean no hurricane is ever considered "good news", aside from the obvious, why would you care? I'll tell ya why~I have a handful of really great friends that live on or near the Gulf of Mexico & the Atlantic Coast. I give a damn about them. My first name IS Laura & while noone could blame me or hold me liable if she did get shitty, I for one didn't want the negative connection w/my name. I also didn't want to see people losing lives, homes, etc. See people crying on the news from her...

   So there you have it! Not anything really deep or profound. Nothing about large friggin' insects for once. Just two more things that I had absolutely no control over in this life, that turned out pretty good. Both are nightmare material & have caused significant change & personal loss in the past. Not to mention unnecessary loss of life, damage, pain & emotional trauma. The difference though is quite simple. One is a free, natural force of God & the other is a premeditated, greedy asshole behind bars at last. Can I get an "Amen?" C'ya!