Blake Shelton hosted SNL this weekend, which was surely exciting for anyone who loves shows like The Voice and Nashville Star or music like the songs that Blake Shelton plays! People who like Saturday Night Live may have also been excited, since that’s the show that they were watching and it’s always exciting to see a new episode of a show you like!

The episode began with a football cold open, which comes as no surprise to people keeping up with the Patriots scandal. Did you know it also makes a lot of sense if you’re keeping up with conspiracy theories? Let me clue you in: We all know Saturday Night Live abbreviates to SNL, just one letter away from FNL, A.K.A. Friday Night Lights, the TV drama about high school football, a sport whose most famous league for professional play is called the NFL! Did you see how quickly you get from SNL to NFL? We should have seen this coming.

Blake Shelton’s monologue had a guitar in it, which is fitting because he plays guitar for his job as country singer/guitarist. I imagine he knows guitars very well—how to play them, how to not play them, maybe also a third thing about guitars…

I think that with “Wishing Boot,” season 40 of SNL has finally landed its first smash hit country single, with no offense meant to many other valiant efforts this calendar year alone.

The Bachelor spoof would have been good if it was just a series of the SNL ladies doing their best impressions of “crazy,“ but it also played with some reality show tropes and zonged some thoughtful zings over at The Bachelor for its diversity problems! Good for this sketch!

Then, Weekend Update got a welcome jolt of electricity with the addition of Michael Che’s high school friend Riblet, played by Bobby Moynihan. Riblet proves to be an eloquent Update Desk anchor, but a cool thing is that he can also knows how to make a lot of fast food staples.

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