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October 01, 2010

How to prove to you wife something really happend in VietNam

    My Wife and I had been married for about a year; but we had lived together for a little over 2 years before we got married.  Durring that time I had told he next to nothing about Vietnam.  One of the things I did tell he about were these little green lizards that sounded for all the world like they were saying "Fuck You" when you came up on them and they got scared.
   She always told me that she believed me when I would mention them to her or through here they would come up in conversations with friends or family.  She would however sort of have that "Sure, sure" sort of look in her eyes much like what everyone that wasn't there to actuley see and hear them would have.
    One time however we were at a party her boss gave and the son of her boss was there.  Well to make a longer story a tad shorter, the son of her boss and I were introduces by my wifes boss like this, "This is my son Tod, you two should have a lot in common; because he was in Vietnam too".
I immediatley looked at my wife and said "Now you know I have never met Tod right", my wife nodded yes.  I looked at Tod and said "Hey do you remember the sound those little green lizards use to make?", Tod said "You mean the Fuck You lizards" and he imitated the *fuck you* sound they made as he said it, like I had many a time before when telling my wife and some of her family about them.
My wife almost dropped her drink, and got a funny sort of look in her eyes and said "I will never doubt anything you say about VietNam again"  For a few months from then on when we were around anyone in her family or others that I had told about the "FU" lizards which usually she would bring up and have me tell them about the lizards she would bring up this story to let them know that her new husband was not full of of it.
Since that night my wife has yet to give me that "sure, sure" look when telling not only something about Vietnam or anything else.