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October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Head is taking celebrities in Hollywood by storm! See your favorite celebs Holloween'd out!.

If you want a Pumpkin Head like these Celebrities follow these steps: “First, you need a pumpkin with a circumference 35% bigger than your head. You begin by actually cutting a hole out of the BOTTOM of the pumpkin, as opposed to the traditional top cut. You may need some assistance for the next step, which is shoving your head through the hole. (Try vaseline or any sort of lube works just as well.) And…. Walla! Now you just use a hairdryer or a heat lamp for 24-72 hours to get the pumpkin to melt into your face, accentuating your best features! The pumpkin will also be moisturizing for your skin for however many weeks you leave it on.”

1. Jessica Simpson

“How many points do pumpkin seeds have?”

2. Gary Busey

“I’ve shoved my head up a LOT of asses, but never a pumpkin!”

3. Justin Beiber

“Will you be my pumpkin-friend?”

4. Honey Boo Boo

“A pum’kin makes me holla!”

5. Barack Obama

“I’m Barak Obama, and I approve this pumpkin.”

6. Christina Aguilara

“This pumpkin head really portrays how I feel emotionally as a strong, independent woman.”

7. Lady Gaga

“Hope this pumpkin head doesn’t clash with my meat dresses!”

8. Bruce Jenner

“Finally I look better than anyone else in my family.”

9. Nicki Minaj

“Let’s see Mariah get a pumpkin head like this!”

10. Amanda Bynes

“I have a pumpkin head! More room for CRAZY!”

11. Kanye West

“Now my head matches Kim’s ass!”

12. Snooki

“OH. MY. GAOD.  This pumpkin matches my skin tone perfectly!”