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August 01, 2016

The latest PLOY in Crooked hillary's campaign plans is the lowest one yet.

First of all, I’d like to say that I have NOTHING BUT RESPECT for the fallen veteran son of the Khans (who were featured speakers at last week’s Democratic National Convention where they yelled at Donald Trump for not sacrificing anything even though what did Hillary Clinton sacrifice again exactly? How many jobs has Hillary Clinton created instead of raising taxes AND taking money from Wall Street, something Donald Trump has NOT done? I don’t know…maybe, NOTHING/NONE).

But the one thing that was noticeably absent from Khan’s moving speech was the three words that Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies seem to be allergic to since 9/11 and other things that have gone on in terrorism since then:

rit mobile patriot networkjpg.jpg

Here’s what we’re saying Demo-CLODS, you simply do not have the respect of anyone who has served in the military or anyone who has a wife and children or people they love or anyone physically around them at any time if you can’t even bring yourself to utter these three simple, powerful, evil, dangerous, spellbinding, wonderful, all-encompassing, sexy, dangerous words.
Simple. As. That.