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October 29, 2009


Stripped from today's headlines:
Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David speaks out over Jesus uproar:
"If I let a gentile pee on me can we call it even? I heard their Priests are
kind of into that."
Former female Letterman show staffer says show was rife with sexual
tension and favortism.
Apologises for purposely wearing jeans that accentuated her cameltoe and
that one time she came into work topless.
Taylor Swift hit by swastika scandal.
Has no idea how Nazi symbol got tattooed above her landing strip.
Chaz Bono gives first interview as a man:
"I'm looking forward to really enjoying farting more.
I think one of the biggest differences between men and women is our views on farting, 
and other ass related activities."
Kansas City Chiefs star RB in gay slur slamdown:
Larry Johnson: "When I said gay what I meant was gay as in fun, upbeat and happy ...
I wasn't putting down fags who like to suck dink. Fags is okay with me. Queers is okay with me."
Indonesian province bans tight pants on women:
"We don't want our women in pants. We want them pantsless. Except if they are fat."
Bullet fired at the home of CNN's Lou Dobbs.
Dick Cheney already "lawyered up."
Former NBA star is $4 million in debt.
Spent over $2 million on Little Debbie snack cakes.
Kim Kardashian: "I'm pregnant ... in my head."
Reality star and advocate for people with oversized bums says she plans to pretend
she is pregnant for nine months "as a kind of learning experience."
Scariest spot in the nation this Halloween?
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