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June 09, 2008


GAH! I hate my group members for this project I'm doing. I've came up with something so amazing but my group can not keep up with my awesomeness. Fucking hell. I'm so pissed off and stressed out that I feel like I may throw up my breakfast.

I know the work load is quite horrendous, but there are times when you're better off working alone. Quite frankly, I feel like even if I am in a group I'm still doing loads more than the others because what they come up with is definitely not up to par with what I'm imagining. The worst part is that if I manage to scrape up something amazing, I still have to share it with these other morons.

One of them, my friend, ugh, he's lacking in the language department despite the fact that he was born here. How does anyone grow up in an English speaking country and still have the most ridiculous grammar and verb tense issues. I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope he's just got some form of dyslexia. When you grow up listening to people speak English to you, don't you pick up how some things are meant to be said? Oh god, and when he stops to think it takes forever. How slow can someone be? Fucking spit it out already. I'd reach the conclusion before he'd even say 3 words and still I have to wait for him to slowly spill it out.

The other one, foreign lady, much older than all of us in the course, probably 30 something...maybe 40. Well, she's actually got a reason for speaking with minor grammar issues, but holy shit, you know how foreign people stop to think about how to say things in English like they're translating their thoughts to you? Well, motherfucking hell, it takes too fucking long. My prepaid phone ran out of money and her long pauses aren't helping. I agreed to be in her group because honestly, there's no one else she'll get. Our summer students in the program areĀ  much less compared to the number of people who decided to take the summer off.

Someone fucking kill me. These people make me nauseaus. I know I sound like a mega bitch but this project was the first thing I've been excited about for a while and it's not going smoothly. My professor likes these ideas, that I have to explain due to the reasons in the previous two paragraphs, but everytime we have to show him what we've made........UGH. Must I do everything?!

I want this in my portfolio, it'll be my pride and joy. My idea. MINE.

I don't get to yell at people much and I really don't want to so I'm venting it here. Where my fucktard friends can't see and won't hurt their feelings.


What about my feelings? If I was rich, I wouldn't worry about anything so please kindly donate to the Stop Mabel From Exploding Fund. With just a dollar a day you can help Mabel from puking her guts out as she thinks about her future.

Or kill me. Same difference. I just want to read Harry Potter and not have the feeling of a hot air balloon in my chest and throat.