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March 05, 2009


i've decided to do a blog.  my first decree as "blogmaster" is to offer to the general public at no charge at all a new "computo-speak" anagram-type (sic) phrase that modifies the time worn abbreviation "LOL".

i call it (ta-da!):  "LQTM"  it stands for "LAUGHING QUIETLY TO MYSELF".  i'm sure that you will find this little whatever-you-want-to-call-it highly useful when a "LOL" is just too over the top.

now you must realize that i could probably charge a "nominal fee" for these sorts of little WYWTCI's (ok, fine, there's another freebie, but that's the last one!), but i offer this one (ok, two) for the special blog introductory price of ABSOLUTELY FREE! that's 2 for the price of NOTHING! enjoy!

all i ask in return is that you check out my blog and comments and stuff and then if you like what you see, then send me some money. i actually am unemployed and this is my only source of income. i don't want to make you feel bad or anything, but hey it's tough out there and as they say in show biz, "a girl's gotta eat".

i also offer little comedy advice tid-bits for those of you that want to make your postings or comments a little more, well, you know, funny. it seems that a lot of you out there could use my services. all for a "nominal fee",  of course.

i also could do a lot of things if someone could just give me a chance. salary is very negotiable.

TTFN, my funny friends!     (fine, that's 3, but that's the last one! you're getting a really good deal here.)