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Published: November 08, 2008
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Yes, I am now like Oppenheimer in that I am the destroyer of worlds. I am an Economic Destabilizer. A Financial Threat to the capitalistic world at large! I can't afford my credit cards so, I quit paying them.  Now, they are calling--much like Vampires needing a blood fix--to ask, "What is it with you?"  Little do these small-minded mostly Indian callers realize, I am becoming a crasher of free market unsecured credit card monopolies.  To them I am a Fiduciary Terminator. Soon, they will become feeble and weak for lack of capital.  Okay, I forgot to charge a new Ferrari California before I became the Osama Bin Laden of the financial world.  OOPS! I can't be expected to do everything, can I?

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