What started as a radio program 7 years ago is now my dream job. Thank you to everyone who submitted. Your enthusiasm and support (like every good dad) means the world to me.

After combing through almost 260 submissions I’ve whittled it down to the Top 5 Father Thighs. Congrats to all the winners who’s sons and daughters just became even more proud to sit on their daddy’s laps.

Father #5 - Matt Patrick - St. Louis, MO.


ding ding ding JACKPOT! Matt’s known all over the leg community for his glistening skin, but it was his contest essay that set him apart, “Soaking the old drumsticks after teaching Eric how to ride a bike.” – N.T.W.I.C.A.T.F. (Now That’s What I Call A Top Father!)

#4 - Kyle Hadley - Elmhurst, W. Virginia

body buolder thighs common.jpg

If you remember in 2016 Kyle didn’t even break the Top 20. What a difference a year, and some anabolic steroids make! Now, Kyle can EASILY lift his nine brunette daughters at once using these super-charged meat mounds.

*As most of you know we do not drug test, but also do not promote drug use. He’s on my list because if I was Kyle’s wife I’d beg him to crush my skull with his thighs.

#3 Sir Michael Caine - The King of Acting

old man sandals commons.jpg

Damn Mike, you got yummy thighs! Slurp Slurp Slurp! Sensible sandals + knee socks + fun shorts = an Oscar winner who’s greatest role of all is playing a scrumptious dad. If I was your director the only note I’d give you is a Thank You note for submitting.

#2 Ryan Monahan - Los Angeles, CA.


#TBT (Throwback Thighs)! Ryan’s a sexy papa raising his beautiful young blonde son with solid morals (and dazzling DNA). I wish I was that wooden deck under his bare feet. Bonus Points for building and staining it over the course of two warm summers.

#1 Gary Yount - Kansas City, KA.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.10.52 PM.png

It’s not often you come across tasty tree trunks that make you think, “This is why I do this."That’s what Gary did. Perfect skin to hair ratio, creamy hues, backwards #1 he wrote himself in permanent marker…permanent marker that’ll fade after a few baths with his cherub son and sensible daughter, but hopefully this winning feeling lasts forever.