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August 17, 2011

Ever wonder what dorm life is really like? Check out these accounts of crazy roommate experiences.

"So my Chinese roommate refers to me as Mrs. Linda. Getting sorta sick of it but everytime I tell her to call me Linda she just re-introduces herself… " says Jessica from ASU.


"Chang my roommate literally asks my permission before he does anything. He literally wont go to the bathroom before asking me. Maybe its his culture (he's chinese) or maybe it's just because im 6 foot 4 and black…" says Donte from GCU.

Thousands of college kids are revealing the inner workings of their dorm rooms on the site DormTales.com. Some are weird, some are hilarious, and some will make you want to enroll in college tomorrow. Looks like roommates are just an untapped resource of ridiculous humor. 

Lastly, Freddy K. from Arkansas Tech enlightens us that, "I wasnt religious before college, but now I speak to Jesus on a daily basis. literally, my roomies name is Jesus."