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April 05, 2013

Those rumors from a few months ago have proven to be true. You sitting down, people? Everyone’s dream girl, Emma Stone's sex tape has finally been released.

Those rumors from a few months ago have proven to be true – and thank GOD for that. You sitting down, people? Everyone’s dream girl, Emma Stone has a sex tape! A real fucking sex tape!!!

If you ever needed assistance yerking one out before, Emma Stone’s sex tape is here to provide The Help.

Seeing Gwen Stacy herself in nothing but her birthday suit will have you slinging webs like Spiderman right into your favorite tube sock.

Personally, I was surprised by the vim & vigor displayed by everyone’s favorite polite ginger. This 88 minute long lovemaking session was a true display of some Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Sex swings, baby oil and enough raspy moans & groans to get you through a lonely night, this tape earns itself an Easy A.

The Superbad starlet still hasn’t made a public statement regarding the tape being leaked. But, regardless of what shes says, I gotta say, this was looooong overdue and simply amazing.