funnydemi.JPGThe best line in the press relating to Miss Moore's little mishap?!: "Basically, if you are into whip-its, they are definitely not the only drug that you are abusing."


Don't worry though; after a seizure and a 911 call landed her in intensive care, Patrick Swazey's ghost rushed to her aid to teach her the seductive art of pottery. He was also able to locate a medium named 'Oda Mae Browne' to help him explain that whip-its (nitrous oxide), severe anorexia and good old cocaine can make you seizure so hard you'll end up looking like a James Brown performance.


Ashton Kutcher also rushed to her side. According to recent reports, he sprinted into the ICU with an ironic trucker's hat on to scream  "You've just been PUNK'D!!!!!" into Demi Moore's barely conscience face. (Before obtaining several of the nurse's numbers, of course.)