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May 05, 2016

Check out all of the top content that you missed on the internet for the week of 5/2.

Well, we had a great run, week of 5/2. We saw Monday together, ran through Tuesday, sobbed through Wednesday, had a tiff Thursday, and made up for Friday. But while we were having fun, week of 5/2, a lot of crazy Top Content happened on The Internet. So, I compiled it all for you. I only had time to look at the website Funny Or Die, but some say they’re making the Top Content on The Internet, so you’re welcome!

Quiz: Is Your Relationship A Ross/Rachel, Cory/Topanga, Or Ray/Debra?

I’m definitely a Ray/Debra, but that’s just because I see myself as a Ray Charles-type and my partner as Debra Messing-adjacent.



A new buttery perfume just for women. And margarine is merely body spray.

Here’s All The Vines That Don’t Suck This Week

I’m not even trying to clickbait you, but You’ll Never Believe What Happens In The Last Vine!!!

Ted Cruz’s Updated LinkedIn Profile

Now that he’s retired as The Zodiac Killer and his political campaign is over, it’s time to fire that baby back up!

utFctW6DQbSIQdoRDh2X_thumb (12).jpg

How Do You Think You’ll Die?

Two things are inevitable in this life: 1. We will all die. And 2. Robots will live forever.

5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

They’re here, they’re viral, get used to it … until more viral videos delete these from our collective consciousness.

mDnPJ3djS6qaZ6AOYK6M_Viral Vid SQUARE.jpg

9 May Memes You Didn’t Know About

Move over Justin Timberlake “It’s gonna be May,” there’s a new sheriff in town!

v2AtbFbvQt2U8IrkDmuI_It's Gonna Be Maeby.jpg

America Reacts To Donald Trump Being The Presumptive Republican Nominee

The Doomsday clock is ticking folks and this article perfectly describes how I feel right now.