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July 19, 2012

Limbaugh attended an early press screening of 'TDKR' today, and left the theater a self-proclaimed “bleeding heart liberal".

After his controversial remarks about The Dark Knight Rises early this week, Rush Limbaugh attended an early press screening of the film today, and left the theater a self-proclaimed “bleeding heart liberal.”

On his radio show, Limbaugh claimed the Dark Knight villain, Bane, was a construction of liberal Hollywood to turn people against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who once ran the equity firm, Bain Capital.

“As it turns out, I was right,” Limbaugh said on today's show, which is now broadcast from NPR just after Cooking with Kale.

“When I saw how sadistic and wrathful Bane was, I suddenly realized the capitalist evils Mitt Romney has committed as president of Bain Capital. The parallels are uncanny.”

The host has moved his radio studio from Palm Beach, Florida to San Franciso, California, where he now resides in a co-op in The Castro, the city’s gay district. It was the only place I feel comfortable walking around in my Robin costume."

“I just bought a black Prius,” an excited Limbaugh announced on his show today. “I put a Batman sticker on the back, right next to my Obama 2012 one. Obama will swoop down like the Dark Knight and rid this country of the corporate evil represented by Bain Capitol!"