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Published January 08, 2009
As my mind is a scattered mess right now... it is physically impossible for me to write one, single, coherent Blog post...So.. instead... I'll just list a few of the random items that have passed through my head in the past few days, masquerading as conscious thought...- My life: The poorly timed fart joke in the grand cinema we call existence. :-)- How funny is it to hear a computer tech say "Windows 7 BETA is now available for trial use... and I bet it's still more stable than Vista"..?? :-)- Never... EVER... set the fridge to it's coldest setting, when there are only a few beers in it... Or make sure you have a big towel handy when you decide to crack one open... :-)- Beer Slushies are not as good as one might think... :-)- Stepping in a puddle of beer that foamed out of the can because it was frozen when you opened it... Oh Hell... you get the picture. :-)- Damn... that walkway was slippery, but the night sky looks so pretty from down here. :-)- How many phone calls ending in "Sorry Ken. He's still out of the office. Call back tomorrow, and we'll set up this appointment" , must one endure before you think "This cheap bastard just wants to avoid paying us!!!"...??? :-)- Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? ... A: Waffles don't have credit cards... :-)- Why do I think the joke above is funny?? And, should I seek professional help?? :-)- Kenny G.'s technique for not feeling so sad: 1. Listen to "Whiskey Lullaby" (Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss),  "Given Up" (Linkin Park), "More Than A Memory" (Garth Brooks), and "Bother" (Stone Sour) on an endless loop... 2. Drink a 30-Pack a night... 3. Kick yourself in the morning... 4. Find a new technique... :-) - How the Hell did I get mud on my new work shirt... and how the Hell is it still there after 3 washings??? :-)- Why does this chair smell like cat urine... why is the cat laughing at me... and why am I still sitting here?? :-)- Do I have a smiley face addiction?? :-)- Kenny G.