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August 06, 2009


We liken it to orange peel or cottage cheese. Women have it, so do men. Cellulite, also known as dermatomyoliposclerosis, affects the young, the old, the fat, the slim, the gym-sculpted and the couch potato. General estimates say up to 90 per cent of women have it. But can we do anything about cellulite? Cellulite is a disease of the fat level of skin. The fat cells are arranged in chambers surrounded by fibrous bands. When there is a build-up of toxins and poor lymphatic drainage, water retention occurs and cellulite forms. The fibrous bands can contract, resulting in a permanent dimpling of the skin.

Unfortunately, once formed cellulite is hard to dispel with lifestyle changes alone. Many have suggested drinking more water, exercising and eating healthily, but none of these are effective. Even liposuction, often touted as the cure for cellulite, can worsen the situation. Hormonal changes also contribute to cellulite, which partly explains why women are more prone to it, and genes are thought to play a part. Cellulite appears largely on the thighs and bottoms, but can be found on the inner knees, hips, lower abdomen and under the arms.

Advances in Aesthetic Medicine have brought with it a number of effective cures for cellulite:

  1. Mesotherapy improves the circulation, dissolves excess fat deposits and removes hardened fibrous connective tissue. Mesotherapy can dispel cellulite after 6-10 sessions, but mild to moderate cellulite responds as well, if not better, to machine treatments.
  2. Endermologie, the use of suction and rolling technology, physically improves the circulation and expels toxins from the affected areas. The skin tone is improved, and even end stage fibrotic cellulite can be less visible after such treatment.
  3. Ultrasound treatment can melt the fat in the treated areas and therefore reduce the bulging in the affected area. Coupled with lymphatic drainage, toxins can be eliminated for effective cellulite elimination.
  4. Biomesosculpture is the latest in cellulite treatment. This technology stimulates the extra-cellular matrix surrounding our cells to reduce toxin stagnation. The infusion of a luxurious chocolate slimming cream infused with pure plant botanical and homeopathic extracts (ivy, dandelion, juniper) reduces cellulite and fat buildup. MRI studies show the instant inch-loss is due to fat reduction and not just water loss. The slight rise in temperature generated stimulates collagen production, hence stimulates skin firming and rejuvenation.

Of all the treatments listed thus far, Biomesosculpture shows the most promise as it treats cellulite formation at root cause. This detoxifying treatment has immediate, permanent results. With minimal downtime, this treatment is safe enough to use every day. Cumulative inch loss is far greater than surgical fat reduction if sessions can be taken in close succession, with the major advantage of minimal discomfort or disruption of normal activities. Ten sessions are suggested for each area. Results may continue to improve after the treatment course, as the toxins causing the imbalance and stagnation have been eliminated. Biomesosculpture can be used for spot reduction, reducing the appearance of cellulite, lymphatic drainage, buttock lifting, thigh tightening, waist reduction, hip reshaping and stomach rejuvenation. It can also be used for facial rejuvenation and chin/jaw line lift.

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