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September 21, 2017

The week when President Trump confused Kim Jong Un for Elton John.

1) Wait, they were serious?

2) No way Stephen A Smith and Donald J Trump’s egos fit in that room

3) This response never gets old

4) He has lipstick on his collar because he works at a lipstick factory

5) Whatever he’s smoking, pass it this way

6) And he’s got some things to say about tie length too

7) Cats can sense evil

8) Only lost the battle not the war

9) It’s all that McDonald’s

10) How’d I wind up in the Rose Garden?

11) You said my presidency was a good length

12) GIMME A BEAT…the terrorists

13) S A V A G E

14) When your kid’s making a fool of himself and you hope no one realizes you’re his dad

15) We’ll still see them on weekends and holidays