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November 28, 2008


2am.  Just got in from the Jon LaJoie show here in Vancouver.  It was awesome.  Fucking awesome.  Fantastic.  Fan-FUCKING-tastic.

Best show I've been to in a long long time (sorry, JLa like that? No? Too bad..., my all time favourite is still U2 POPmart tour...but you're a very close 2nd!!)

My friend laughed so hard his stomach was hurting.  He also may have pulled something...  I laughed my ass off (well not literally, thank god, or it would be really difficult to sit without pain...) and roared and cheered and clapped and sang along and fuck it was good.

My only meh was not getting a spot at the front end of the balcony.  We had a great spot, but for picture taking the front right (when you're looking at the stage) arm would have been better.

ALSO.  When my cell phone recharges and I can upload my shots and video clips, I will point out the chick who !STOLE! a poster.  SERIOUSLY.  Just fucking slid it off the pile when the chick behind the desk thingie wasn't looking.  Grr...I was gonna ask her (loudly) when she got up to Jon, "Are you going to pay for that before he signs it or after?" but 1. she moved around and sort of squeezed in a few spots ahead of where she was before, and 2. I didn't want to start some huge catfight.  Even though I definitely would have won.  Psh.

Anyway.  Was awesome and yay I got to talk to Jon (WOO!) and got myself a lovely signed poster....THAT IS PAID FOR thankyouverymuch.  I'll be shopping for a frame for it now :) Wheeeeee!!

E = MC Vagina...vagina

PS:  I made a playlist of my favourite Jon LaJoie videos...which essentially is everything...well almost everything...there's a few of his, that I (sad to say) just sort of weakly smile at...I mean...they're funny...but not FUNNY...anyway...yeah....

this is the link-> http://www.funnyordie.com/jcee/playlists/233521 <-that's the link ...for some reason I can't get it to format as an actual link...fuck. oh well. copy/paste :)