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July 03, 2009


  I read this story, I'm sure you all have heard about this man, who was born female, who gave birth.
Does he know who the father is? Maybe it's himself. He could go on the Maury show to find out if he really is his baby's daddy.

    I would imagine it all started when he was single. He looked in the mirror one day and was beside himself as his eyes met. Found out he had everything in common. Same taste in clothes, same house, same social security number, and even drove the same car.
So, he asked himself a question. "Shall we become one?". And the only thing that mattered in the world was himself. He took such good care of himself.  He was in love with himself. But the relationship became too self centered.
 Perhaps it was the constant use of the word myself. Or that he was in total control of himself all the time that left him feeling so alone. He felt sorry for himself but he could never forgive himself for what he had done. He thought about killing himself but that would be too selfish. So he gathered himself together and left all alone.
Then that day came. He was sick of himself. So sick he made himself throw up. But he was not the sole cause. HE, was pregnant. How could he do this to himself?
If he really wasn't in love with himself then maybe he should seek counseling from a self help book. Then maybe he could learn to live with himself.
If he denies himself the chance to be involved then perhaps he will remain single and the baby will grow up as an only child.