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February 04, 2010


I'll bite! I'm an eighties child, and I grew up on Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, secretly love Bird On a Wire, loved Tequila Sunrise, Conspiracy Theory and I even liked the silly Maverick...Braveheart? Hell Yah! Given that I am actually related to the chicken shit "king" who ditched William Wallace...all good. Mel's Oscar speech "What I really want to do is act!" SO FUNNY! Well liked, admired by his peers, box office gold, sexiest man alive and then came The Passion of Christ. Then we all got to meet "sugar tits". Now, he's all vexed and twitchy, addressing random people as "dude" and failing to articulate any real logic. I understand that he probably can't go anywhere without it being addressed and that's got to be annoying. I wouldn't like to have my worst day, especially after a 20 year stellar career, have that one moment "define" me and to continue to have to apologize for some drunken/terrible behaviour... and also if I were the interviewer I would have moved on and made fun of him for committing adultery (when he's Captain Catholic), and for his new g/f and the baby that probably isn't even his after he's had to vacate his family home and suffer more bad press. I'd be like "So, you're going to stick with the "pop" princess even though the baby can't be your since you're such a stringent Catholic and she's kind of a whore...that's "interesting". You've got your own Mary Magdelene there, pops." Then, if Mel Gibson calls me an asshole...he'd be right. LOL He just looked so idiotic sucking on his bradied coffee (you'll never convince me that the java wasn't fully loaded), arms crossed, twitching and saying "Dude, it was four years ago, I've moved on maybe you haven't"...interviewer wasn't talking about himself, he was talking about how Mel perceived his public and giving him an opportunity to say that he hoped people would see the movie, blah blah. It's kind of sad though. How can someone go from being so hot, to just not...sugar tits.