Binky Bear’s Wild Party!

Binky Bear and Donny the Duck were at work at Mr. Hunter’s Pies restaurant.“Man, we haven’t had a customer for weeks now,” said Binky Bear. “Yah, so what do you want to do until customers get here,” asked Donny the Duck. “Let’s go be dicks to the interns,” said Binky Bear. Binky Bear and Donny Duck soon began bullying and bossing the three interns around. The three interns’ names are Waddles the Penguin, Bob Nerdy, andWhere’s Bug and those three interns are actually friends of Binky Bear and Donny Duck. “Why are you guys treating us like this, all wewanted was to learn a craft,” cried Waddles the Penguin. “Yah, I’m missing hours of World of Warcraft for this internship,” said Bob Nerdy. “Sorry, but we’re your bosses and we can do whatever we want to you,” said Donny Duck. “Ohshit…here comes Wolf,”cried Binky Bear. Just then Binky and Donny’s supervisors Wolf and Fearsome the Alligator and they looked angry. “You two…stop bullying the interns, besides…we are the only bullies in this restaurant,” said Wolf. “Yah…so you losers getback to work or you’ll be fired,” said Fearsome the Alligator. “But there’s nocustomers and we’re bored,” said Donny Duck. Just then three customers entered the restaurant and they were Snow White the Viking, Pigeon, and Brabe the Dog.“Hi, welcome to Mr. Hunter’s Pies may I take your order,” asked Binky Bear.“Yah, we all like some secret recipe apple pie and three sodas,” said SnowWhite the Viking. “And a bowl of soup for me,” said Brabe the Dog. “Okay that’ll be $10.50,” said Binky Bear. Snow White paid Binky Bear and Snow White the Viking, Pigeon, and Brabe the Dog sat down at booth in the restaurant. Justthen Donny heard something outside. “Hey guys, there’s a gay pride parade outside,” said Donny Duck. Everyone in the restaurant looked out the window andbegan to watch the gay pride parade. Participating in the gay pride parade were legendary gay couples such as The Dragon & The Giant, Ant & Dog,Coo-Coo Bird & Dingo, Toad & Mouse who have lived in the town for years. “Man I never knew Coo-Coo Bird was gay…now I finally get why he looked at me in the shower in the Y.M.C.A locker room…oh god,” cried Donny Duck. Just then Binky’s crush Cindy Mitchell walked into the restaurant. “Hey guys, I’m here helping the gay pride parade because my brother’s gay and this state doesn’t allow gay marriage, so do youwant to sign a petition to make gay marriage legal in this state,” asked CindyMitchell. “Sure, I’ll sign…I have nothing against gay people,” said Binky Bear.“I’ll sign too…because I hate governor Lion,” said Donny Duck. Binky andDonny signed Cindy’s petition and just then Wolf walked towards her. F.Y.I Wolf also has a secret crush on Cindy Mitchell. “Hey Cindy, after work I’m throwinga party, we got beer,” said Wolf. “Yah, it’s going to be the greatest partyever,” said Fearsome the Alligator. Feeling jealous that Wolf is flirting with Cindy…Binky says something he’ll later regret. “Cindy, I’m also throwing a badass party at my house…my parents are in Vegas for the weekend so I have theplace to myself,” said Binky. “When does your party start Binky,” asked Cindy.“Oh…7 o’clock,” said Binky. “Great, see you at your party,” said Cindy. Cindy then left and Wolf tapped Binky on the shoulder. “Look buddy, I would kick your ass but I thought of something, I’ll go to your party and watch you embarrass yourself in front of Cindy I’ll be there, see ya at seven,” said Wolf. “What have I done,” said Binky to himself. Now Binky has to throw a party at his house before his parents return from Vegas. We can only hope it’ll be a really cool party or else Binky will be made fun of for life!

Binky Bear was now begging for the help of Donny the Duck, Waddles the Penguin, Bob Nerdy, and Where’s Bug to help him throw a great party. “Alright Binky, I’ll find the entertainment, Bob you find the food and drinks, Where’s Bug you make the fake IDs so we can get beer, and Binky invite some guests tothe party,” said Donny the Duck. “What else will we need to do,” asked Binky.“I’ll step up the decorations, now let’s move team,” said Donny Duck. Soon everyone was preparing for the party. After hours of getting prepared….Binky’s party officially began. The guest list for Binky’s party included Cindy Mitchell, Wolf, Fearsome the Alligator, Sting the Stingray, Snapper theSnapping Turtle, Snow White the Viking, Pigeon, Brabe the Dog, Torti the Tortoise, Jag the Jaguar, Feather, Cat, Zach the Frog, Evil Pig, and Devil Devil the Pig. For the party entertainment Donny got his cousin Yo the Rooster to DJ the party. “Let the party begin,” yelled Donny the Duck. Soon everyonewas having fun at Binky’s wild party, but one of Binky’s neighbors Mr. Otter heard all the loud music. Mr. Otter soon called the police. “We’ll be there to check the situation out,” said The Knight over the phone. Binky was having the time of his life at the party until The Knight and the police. “This party isover, boys check for any alcohol or drugs, who are the ones who started this party,” asked The Knight. “It was me Mr. Knight…please don’t take me to jail,”cried Binky Bear. “JUST KIDDING,” yelled The Knight. “What, we’re not going to jail,” asked Donny Duck. “Only if you don’t invite me to your party, kick it DJ,” yelled The Knight. Soon The Knight and the police joined the party. After hours of partying, everyone was soon tired and thus the party was soon over.“That was a great party…which was held by a bunch of losers,” said Wolf. “Stayin school kids,” said The Knight. Everybody went home and Binky Bear, Donny the Duck, Waddles the Penguin, Bob Nerdy, and Where’s Bug were cleaning up Binky’s house. “Man,that was great…we finally are popular,” said Donny Duck. “I think by tomorrow they’ll still be jerks to us,” said Bob Nerdy. “Yah, but at least we partied,”said Binky. As Binky was cleaning up, Cindy Mitchell walked in. “Hey Binky I had a great time, see you at school…and before I go….,” said Cindy Mitchell.Cindy then kissed Binky on the cheek. “Oh, and I’m also going to show the governor my petition, have a greatnight,” said Cindy. Cindy then left…but after she left Binky’s parents came home and saw the mess from the party. “What happened to my house,” yelled Binky’s Dad. “It was all Binky’s idea to throw a freaking party, I had nothing to dowith it,” cried Donny Duck. “You four are in deep trouble,” said Binky’s Mom.Now Binky Bear, Donny the Duck, Waddles the Penguin, Bob Nerdy, and Where’s Bug were all grounded at home but at least they could remember the bestparty ever thrown in their young lives.

Now we go to the office of governor Lion. Lion was sitting in his office chair with his Lieutenant Governor The Scared Leopardby his side. “Knight, by order of this state…you’re no longer allowed to be a police officer,” said Lion. “Come on…give me another chance,” said The Knight.“We already have, three times mister…now get out of this building,” said The Scared Leopard nervously. “Fine…I’ll just be a police officer in a different state…so long losers,” laughed The Knight. The Knight exited Lion’s office and then Lion sighed. “What’s our next agenda Scared Leopard,” asked Lion. “A young lady with a petition to make gay marriage legal in this state sir,” said The Scared Leopard nervously. “Send her in,” said Lion. Cindy then walked into governor Lion’s office. “Mr. Lionand Mr. Scared Leopard I…,” said Cindy. “Hold on, let me see the petition,”asked Lion. Cindy then handed Lion the petition and Lion looked at it.“Alright, Scared Leopard, tell the boys the queers can get married in this state so they can leave me the hell alone,” said Lion. “Yes sir, I’ll get the paperwork ready to make gay marriage okay in this state,” said The Scared Leopard nervously. “Now as for you miss…just get out of here I have a killer hangover,” said Lion. “Were you at Binky’s party,” asked Cindy. “How did you know I was there,” said Lion. “I didn’t say I knew you were there,” said Cindy.“Crap….,” cried Lion.


Spotty’s New Pets!

Spotty has a loving pet canary named Canary who he found in a gold mine. Even though they didn’t like each other at first they soon formed a loving bond. But Spotty was driving one winter’s day when he saw two little animals trying to say warm.Those two little animals’ names were Toad and Mouse. “Oh…poor little things….I should bring them home with me,” said Spotty. Spotty then pulled over and he then picked up Toad and Mouse. “Come on little guys…let’s get you warmed up,”said Spotty. Spotty then brought Toad and Mouse home with him and he set them towards the warm fire. “Dad…who are those two animals doing in our house,”asked Spotty Jr. “Heather, Spotty Jr., meet Toad and Mouse…they are going to spend the winter with us, then we’ll let them go…,” said Spotty. “Why did you name them Toad and Mouse…you couldn’t think of a better name for these two little animals,” said Heather. “Actually they told me their names were Toad and Mouse,” said Spotty. “Hello…you two seem like such lovely children,” said Toad and Mouse at the same time. “Holy shit they can talk,” cried Heather and SpottyJr. at the same time. “Yes we can talk…now then…how about we do something fun together….oh I know let’s play a board game,” said Toad. “Yes a board game…or we can organize my stamp collection,” cried Mouse. “You two seem really gay,”said Spotty. “Well we are homosexuals,” said Toad. “You two are…well you know,”asked Heather. “Well yes…now let’s…,” said Mouse. “I’m going up to my room to play video games…see ya,” said Spotty Jr. “I’m going to my room too,” said Heather. Heather and Spotty Jr. then headed to their rooms. “That daughter seems quite upset…and she dresses like she was in the band Kiss,” said Toad.“Well Heather is a Goth you know…so many times she says she just wants to die I’ll never know…are you two hungry,” asked Spotty. “Indeed we are,” said Toad and Mouse at the same time. “Alright I’ll make you two some soup,” said Spotty.But while Spotty was making some nice hot soup a bit a rivalry was forming between Canary and Toad and Mouse. Canary came down to see that two new pets were in his house. And Canary isn’t a very nice to other pets. A feud is a brewing. What happens next? Nobody knows!

Canary didn’t really like Toad and Mouse and Canary began to plot how he could get rid of them. Canary began to try to get rid of Toad and Mouse in a cartoonish like fashion. Canary tried anvils, big hammers, and even dynamite to get rid of Toad and Mouse but to no prevail. Three months would pass and Toad and Mouse were beginning to take his spot as Spotty’s favorite pet. But Canary was soon happy when it wasn’t winter anymore and now Toad and Mouse would be let go. But little did Canary know was that Spotty grew too attached to Toad and Mouse to do such thing. But two days later Toad and Mouse ran away and returned to the wild. They left a note Spotty that they were getting too annoyed by him, his family, and Canary. “I can’t believe Toad and Mouse ran away,” said Spotty.Then Canary flew over to comfort Spotty. “While at least I still have you Canary….you’re not only my pet…you’re my friend,” said Spotty. Then Spotty petted Canary. Canary then began to laugh evilly. I guess Canary is back to being Spotty’s favorite pet. Funny for a bird that just used to annoy Spotty in a gold mine would now be his best friend. But like Spotty….Canary isn’t perfect but that doesn’t mean he’s not the perfect pet for Spotty.


The Giant & The Dragon Remake!

Once upon a time in a far away land there were three kingdoms. One kingdom was ruled by man, one kingdom was ruled by dragons, while the other was ruled by giants.The giants’ kingdom and the dragons’ kingdom were bitter rivals…but as for the kingdom ruled by man…man was smart enough not to intervene. But that will all change because one day…a giant, a dragon, and a man would soon grow a loyalfriendship with one another. Our story begins in the kingdom ruled by man. Inthat kingdom there lived three thieves who were basically on the run from thelaw. The three thieves’ names were Sam, Grub, and Mist. Sam was very handsome and the leader of the group. Grub was very fat and very strong. Mist was atomboy female wizard who was a little crazy at heart. Sam, Grub, and Mist were all best friends and together they were very good thieves. But they all had one thing in common…they all didn’t want to be thieves. Why are they thieves…they have no choice. They were broke and they all wanted to make quick cash. But one day the cocky leader Sam planned a big heist to rob the king of his riches. So Sam, Grub, and Mist were in their hideout preparing for the king’s royal ball where they would enter and rob the king during the ball. Sam, Grub, and Mist would enter the royal ball by lying saying that they were a part of the ritzysociety. Now we go to Sam, Grub, and Mist getting dressed for the royal ball.“Alright guys, if this plan works we’ll be rich as the king himself…all we need to do is to not get caught by the king’s guards,” said Sam. “Yah, because we’re wanted men…so can we review the plan again Sam old buddy,” said Grub.“Alright…we enter the ball…we’ll lie and say were all royalty from another kingdom, I’ll distract the guards while you two find the king’s vault and stealthe goods,” said Sam. “That plan sounds stupid…how can only you distract all the royal guards,” said Mist. “Hey I’ve been known to work miracles…now let’s head to the king’s castle…and after this, we will truly be the greatest outlaw sin history,” said Sam. Sam, Grub, and Mist began to laugh happily together. Now we go to the king’s castle where the king was sitting on his throne with The Knight. The Knight is the head of the royal guard and The Knight is a legendary monster hunter. The Knight claims to have slain many dragons and giants in his lifetime. “Knight my old friend we have only but a few minutes until the royal ball…and the day I…oh wait I don’t want to spoil the surprise,” said The King. The King’s daughterPrincess Courtney entered the king’s throne room. “Father…what do you think of my dress for the ball,” asked Princess Courtney. Princess Courtney was very beautiful and was loved by her people. Also secretly, Sam has a crush of Princess Courtney. Also I forgot to mention that Sam is a bit of a ladies’ man. “My darling you look beautiful as always…now at the ball I have a big surprise for you and youbetter like it,” said The King. “I hope it’s a good surprise father…and I hopeyou haven’t found a husband for me yet,” said Princess Courtney. “No guessing honey…now leave and greet the guests, they should be arriving very soon,” said The King. Princess Courtney left the king’s throne room. “Your majesty…is the surprise a husband for your daughter,” asked The Knight. “Yes…but she can be so stubborn…but I may have finally found her the right man,” said The King. Soon Sam, Grub, and Mist arrived for the royal ball. But will the heist work? I havea feeling it probably won’t!

Now we go to a cave hidden in the mountains. This cave was home to a dragon whose name is The Dragon. The Dragon was banished from the dragon kingdom and now lives in the mountains…but he’s not alone. TheDragon’s lover is a prince named The Giant. The Giant is the prince of the giants’ kingdom and The Giant is a very kind hearted person. The Dragon & The Giant are in a secretly homosexual relationship against their respective kingdoms wishes. The Dragon is openly gay…but no one knows The Giant is actually a homosexual. The Dragon & The Giant maybe in a committed homosexual relationship but if The Giant’s father found out that he was a homosexual and dating a male dragon, The Giant would be banished from his kingdom too. The Dragon & The Giant spend a lot of time together, but The Giant doesn’t have to much time to spend with his lover. The Giant is a prince and he loves his people so much he’ll do his princely duties. The Dragon is a commoner and a bit of a loner. But why are we talking about a homosexual dragon and a homosexual giant? Because they will both play a big part in this tale. Now we return to the king’s royal ball where Sam, Grub, and Mist were planning their big heist. Grub and Mist were headed to the king’s vault…but Sam didn’t really follow his part of the plan. Sam was nowflirting with Princess Courtney. But due to Sam’s actions, Grub and Mist were caught by the royal guards. Sam was also arrested due to his involvement in the heist. Now Sam,Grub, and Mist were headed to the dungeon for life. But I should also mention the Princess Courtney began to fall in love with Sam who she still believes isinnocent. As Sam, Grub, and Mist were headed to a carriage that would take them to the dungeon, Sam escaped and fled to the mountains. Grub and Mist went to the dungeon while Sam wandered into the forbidden mountains. The royal guards didn’t chase Sam because since his wandered into the forbidden mountains they knew that Sam probably won’t survive for long. Sam was soon very tired and he was soon knocked out cold. When Sam awoke he was in a cave with The Dragon & The Giant. Sam was at first scared of The Dragon and The Giant,but The Dragon and The Giant comforted Sam and told him they mean no harm.“Where am I,” asked Sam. “You’re in a cave in the forbidden mountains, my nameis The Dragon and this is my lover The Giant,” said The Dragon. “Wait…you two are dating…that’s messed up,” said Sam. “Why because we are homosexual,” askedThe Giant. “I was going to say because you two are of a different species…but now that you two told be you’re homosexual this makes it even more messed up,”said Sam. “You know we can return you home if you like,” said The Dragon.“Actually I’m on the run from the law…mind if I stay here for a few days,”asked Sam. “Sure…I was banished my kingdom so we outlaws have to stick together,” said The Dragon. “Oh that reminds me…I have to return to my kingdom…take care my lover,” said The Giant. The Dragon and The Giant then kissed each other and Sam then vomited. “Do you have the flu or something,” asked The Giant. “No…I’m fine…carry on with your goodbyes…,” said Sam. The Giant then left and soon The Dragon and Sam began to have a conversation with each other.Weeks have passed and Sam began to befriend The Dragon and The Giant. Sam, The Dragon, and The Giant would soon grow a strong friendship. But how long will it last? It must be hard for rivals to see eye to eye with each other!

Sam soon came up with an idea on how he can free Grub and Mist from the dungeon but he needed the help of his new friends. Sam asked The Dragon and The Giant if they could help free his friends from the dungeon and strangely enough they agreed to help Sam. The Dragon, The Giant, and Sam soon headed to the dungeonwhere Grub and Mist were being held. After a brief destruction of the dungeon not only did our heroes free Grub and Mist but they accidentally freed the other prisoners as well. Our heroes returned back to the cave and Sam introduced Grub and Mist to The Dragon and The Giant. After a brief celebration, The Giant’s bodyguards found The Giant in the cave with his friends. “You’re majesty…what are you doing here with a dragon and some little men,” asked one of the bodyguards. “Crap…no one from my kingdom was supposed to find this place,” saidThe Giant. “Hey giants, your friend is with his boyfriend The Dragon and doesn’t want to be bothered,” yelled Grub. “What did you just say…The Giant is dating a dragon…is this true you majesty,” asked one of the bodyguards. “SadlyI can’t keep the truth hidden…I love The Dragon and he loves me…we have been dating for a couple of years now in secret and we are deeply in love, and I am a proud homosexual,” said The Giant. “My god…our prince is gay…we must tell the king…you will be banished for your evil ways…dating a dragon and even worse a male dragon,” said one of the bodyguards. And just like that The Giant’s secret was out…The Giant was dating The Dragon. The Giant’s father banished him from his kingdom and declared that his son was no longer a prince. The Giant was heartbroken that he lost his throne, but at least he still had his lover. But another problem arose. Since Sam, Grub, and Mist were outlaws, The Knight and his army soon arrested Sam, Grub, andMist. The Knight also captured The Dragon and The Giant and he had a special plan for them. The Knight announced that Sam, Grub, and Mist won’t be headed to the dungeon, but they would be sacrificed to The Dragon and The Giant. It now appears that The Dragon and The Giant have no choice but to kill Sam, Grub, andMist even though they didn’t want to. But before Sam, Grub, and Mist were to be sacrificed to The Dragon and The Giant… Princess Courtney came to rescue Sam. Princess Courtney with her father’s permission arrived to free Sam. Sam was given a royal pardon by the king and Sam soon had to say goodbye to his friends because only he got pardoned. “Goodbye guys…you two were my best friends…I’m going to miss you andI’ll try to figure out how I can save you,” said Sam. “I’m going to miss youSam,” said Mist. “Likewise,” said Sam. “Mist…before we die I wanted to tell you something,” said Grub. “What,” asked Mist? “Mist…I have had a crush on you fora long time and I’ve always thought you were beautiful…Mist…I love you more than a friend…but I was too scared to tell you how I really feel about you…because I’m just a big fat coward…but I’ve always loved you Mist,” saidGrub. “Grub…you were the greatest guy I ever knew I love you too…more than a friend…but Sam…I bet me and Grub could agree on one thing…you’ve been a great leader…I’m just sad it has to end like this,” said Mist. Princess Courtney felt a tap on her shoulder and it was a castle guard. “Princess…time for these criminals to be killed by the monsters…take the one who was pardoned and get out of here,” said the castle guard. Princess Courtney and Sam then left and now they were headed to an arena to watch the sacrifice of Grub and Mist to TheDragon and The Giant. But will Sam be able to rescue his friends? We can’t give up hope just yet!

Now we go to an arena where the sacrifice was being held in front of a huge crowd. Sam was in the crowd sitting by Princess Courtney’s side. Grub and Mist were lifted in the arena from the floor and then The Dragon and The Giant were released from huge cages. The Dragon and The Giant had no choice it was either they killGrub and Mist or they would be killed. Even though the truth was The Dragon andThe Giant after they kill Grub and Mist they would be killed themselves. TheDragon and The Giant soon attacked Grub and Mist. But Mist began to fight back.Mist was using her magical abilities to fight The Dragon and The Giant. Sam couldn’t watch his friends die so he finally decided to rescue them. Princess Courtney agreed to help Sam rescue his friends. Sam and Princess Courtney came to the rescue. They not only saved Grub and Mist but The Dragon and The Giant as well. “Mist, Grub, Princess Courtney, climb onto The Giant’s shoulder, I have an idea,” said Sam. Sam, Grub, Princess Courtney, and Mist climbed on top of The Giant’s shoulder. “What do we do now,” cried Grub. “Mist, teleport us out of here, I by all of us I just mean The Giant and The Dragon,” cried Sam.“Okay…everybody stay together…I’ll teleport us somewhere safe,” cried Mist.Then using her magic, Mist teleported The Giant, The Dragon, Sam, Grub, andPrincess Courtney out of the kingdom and they were soon in the forbidden mountains. “Now what do we do,” asked Mist. Sam, Mist, Grub, and PrincessCourtney climbed down the shoulder of The Giant. “Well guys…now we’re all fugitives….where do we go now,” asked Sam. “We have a place where you will all be safe,” yelled a mysterious voice. Sam then turned around and saw Curt and Riddle Fox standing behind them. “Who are you guys,” asked Sam. “We heard about you guys and we want your help…will you fight alongside the Magical Council in the Magic Wars,”asked Curt. “If you agree to come with us you all will be safe from the law,”said Riddle Fox. Sam, Mist, Grub, Princess Courtney, The Giant, and The Dragon began to think about Curt and Riddle Fox’s offer. “We accept, where are we going to,” asked Sam. “Why were headed to the magical universe…don’t worry…we’re the good guys,” said Curt. Now Sam, Mist, Grub, Princess Courtney,The Giant, and The Dragon joined the Magical Council and they are all fighting in the Magic Wars. Grub and Mist soon announced their engagement and they would soon be married. The Giant and The Dragon also announced their engagement. Sam and Princess Courtney also announced their engagement and Princess Courtney was pregnant with their first child. Now it seems our heroes are safe…for now. Now we return to the kingdom ruled by man where the King was sitting on his throne with The Knight by his side. “I can’t believe my daughter has betrayed us…what shall we do now…,” asked the King. “We must kill them all,” said The Knight.Then a blackish-purplish portal appeared in front of the King and The Knight.Then Moeguya Jr. walked out of the portal and kneeled before the king. “Who are you…,” asked The Knight while slowly pulling out his sword. “I am help,” said Moeguya Jr. What will happen next? Nobody knows!