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August 20, 2008


So for about 5 years now me and my pal, Jess, have been playing this game called "you'll know its me" (we used to write notes back and forth to each other before we were tech-savvy...now we text our little threats). There's only 1 rule: make your threat as funny or as evil as you can. Here's a little excerpt from our "game" this morning (Jess works at a day camp and i work in an office, btw):

jill: youll know its me when your "camp kids" all get food poisoning

jess: youll know its me when i sneak into your office and set your desk on fire

jill: youll know its me when all your volleyballs are slashed

jess: youll know its me when the tires from your minivan are gone. (yes...i drive a minivan, dont hate!)

jill: youll know its me when i stick 100 bumper stickers on your moms car

jess: now your bringing my mother into this?...unnecessary!

jill: grow a pair and suck it up, pencil neck.

................and it ended like that, because she obviously can't handle my threats. So that makes me the winner!!! bahahahaha............................