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June 08, 2012

A day after admitting to Rolling Stone he wasn’t “winning” anymore, Charlie Sheen is back on top after telling a Staples Center security guard, "fucking blow my balls".

A day after admitting to Rolling Stone he wasn't “winning" anymore, Charlie Sheen is back on top, having told a Staples Center security guard, "fucking blow my balls."

After a cigarette break the Anger Management star was denied reentry into the the Stanley Cup Finals. That's when Sheen told an imposing female guard what she could do to his testicles. "Why wouldn't she want to blow 'em?" Sheen asked TMZ rolling his eyes. "I got tiger balls, man."

“Like banging 7-gram rock,” Sheen continued, "blown balls are just another perk of winning."

LAPD officer Mark Handleson had planned to escort Sheen off the premises until he heard the actor's winning statement. "When a guy tells an innocent female security guard who's just doing her job to fucking blow his balls,” the officer explained, "you just know he's winning."

Sheen hasn't done anything winning since last year when he was fired from Two and a Half Men, the #1 rated sitcom in the world. But there's more than one reason to believe the tiger-balled actor is making a comeback -- he's also started drinking again. "Alcoholism works, man," he told Rolling Stone, adding, “for winning people."