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February 28, 2010


I caught the rollerderby last Saturday night went Tucson Saddletramps beat the Montreal New skids on The Block by 115-108.Picked up some free tickets to catch Faster Pussycat. I saw Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Nico Vega at the Rialto Tuesday night.Loved the crazy Sweden band Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Nico Vega was good on stage.But,Aja cowered in fear when I was going tell her that she rocks. A rock star fears nothing. That's why i responsed the crazy Norse lead singer from Soundtrack. Went to catch faster Pussycat last night for shits and giggles. Too much shit and no giggles. Prima donna has-been so-called rock stars who couldn't even get a VH1 Behind The Music special. And, a lethal combination of testorone-driven male dominate monkey muthaf**king doormen was two good reasons to bail on the Faster Pussycat show. Waiting a half hour after the door were supposed to open outside in the parking lot in the cold was yet another good reason. Dr.Rockso the Rock N Roll Clown who does cocaine is better than Faster Pussycat.Snakes N' Barrells are better than Faster Pussycat and they're off of Metalocalypse. I might go to Unearth,Kreator and definitely Five Finger death punch. So, i got a busy month coming up and I'll try to keep in touch.Later sports fans.