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April 06, 2008


Well, first blog.

Hello, my name is Andria (Is my profile page says) and I'm interested in starting a role in Stand Up Comedy. Great, huh? Not really? Eh, doesn't matter.

But anyway, me and my sister have been writing sketches for quite a while. I don't even remember when we wrote our first one. Must've been a long, long, LONG time ago. Problem is, we don't have a camera. Sucks, huh?

How are we going to post it on the internet? Making an animation out of it? Like I never thought of that. Seriously, I have thought of that. Another problem is I don't have that kinda of softwear. And I don't know how to animate.

So, I'm going to start saving up for a camera. First, I need to get a job and then keep that job. I'm not that great with jobs, unless it's the one job I've always wanted. But to make that dream come true I'll have to go through collage or something. I don't really want to do that either.

But yes, I will get that camera some how.