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March 18, 2015

A list of some of the U.S. Congress' best-know ink jobs.

Senator Tom Cotton says he has “no regrets” about sending a letter to Iranian leaders undermining ongoing nuclear-deal talks with President Obama. But “No Regrets” isn’t just the senator’s reaction to media backlash — it’s also one of his many tattoos. Below are some other well-known politicians’ choice of ink.

Tattoo: “No Regrets”
Location: Right Bicep (The left one already had a “No Books Allowed” tat)

Tattoo: “Skynyrd 4 Lyfe”
Location: Lower back tramp stamp

Tattoo: “McCain 2000” (since removed), “McCain 2008” (since removed), “McCain 2016”
Location: respectively left arm, right arm, neck

Tattoo: “Please Stop Calling Me A Turtle”
Location: His shell

Tattoo: “Speaker 4 Lyfe”
Location: Her entire face (Only shows up in black-light)

Tattoo: An orange
Location: His entire body

Tattoo: “Not Running In 2016”
Location: Right next to her “Even Though I Know I Should” tattoo

Tattoo: “Tedd Cruz”
Location: Knuckles (extra “d” added so it fit when he made two fists)