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June 08, 2015

I'm selling ice trays. Also trying to rekindle lost love.

I recently went through a pretty rough breakup and am looking for some extra cash. I’m selling 3 used plastic ice trays. These experienced trays will always give you fresh, crisp cubes of ice. Guaranteed. These plastic beauties are extremely reliable. More reliable than any girl that might be or used to be in your life. Unlike Tracey, these ice trays will always be there for you and your mixed drinks. Admittedly, recently I’ve been drinking straight from the bottle making these ice trays obsolete. So that is why I’m selling them.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT contact me if you aren’t serious about ice. HOWEVER, do contact me if you are or have recently spoken to Tracey. I really think we can work things out.

I love these babies, and unlike Tracey, they loved me back. They loved me by giving me cold refreshing cubes time after time.

Here are some pics of the trays:


When I bought these chic and stylish trays they had 5 out of 5 stars on the Target website. They have been the keystone of my freezer for years and now they can be yours.


Needless to say, they have withstood the test of time. That’s more than Tracey and I can say.


the best way to impress your friends…keeping drinks cool with ice!

I know it can be hard to trust sellers on the internet, so I have photographic proof of the quality product these trays make.


The name of the game is nice ice. This is after 15 minutes,and the the form of the cube is almost flawless. Look at the crystallization…beautiful.


After a half hour the cube still holds form. Still, nice ice.


After an hour the cube finally begins to submit, shrinking into oblivion with complete disregard of the past. That sounds good to me right now.

Product Features:
Makes great ice without fail
High quality plastic
Can’t break your heart

Additional info:
Care and Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe
Dimensions: 10.78 “ W x 4.5 ” D x 1.5 “ H
Weight: 0.28 Lb.
Total Volume Capacity: 16.0 Oz.
Number of cavities: 16


Finally, I wrote a poem about the trays. Tracey, if you’re reading this, please contact me.


Wouldn’t it be nice, be nice

To be loved by someone

As much as you love a device

Exclusively used to make ice?

Wouldn’t it be nice, be nice

To not be caught up in this vice we call love?

To roll the dice on life without thinking twice.

Wouldn’t it be nice, nice ice.

I think it would be.

contact: samtheicetrayguy96@yahoo.com