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January 22, 2010


I am trying to capitalize on the Card Industry and their obvious lack of humor. I have a few Card Ideas and decided to list them here where you can add to the list in the comment section below. Here are a few of my Card Ideas.

OUTSIDE- On your 16th birthday….
INSIDE- You can get a job you fucking bum this is my house.

OUTSIDE- You finally graduated college….
INSIDE- and your still a Virgin….

OUTSIDE- Get well soon……
INSIDE- Or die, the suspense is fucking killing me.

OUTSIDE- For your birthday I got you this Card and a wad of cash…
INSIDE- That is if Son of Sea Biscuit goes to the inside on the first turn and holds the rail to the finish.

OUTSIDE- On our anniversary I got you this card….
INSIDE- Left it at work and slept on the couch.

OUTSIDE- I’m a new dad…..
INSIDE- I mean you are a new dad, your wife and I just carpool.

OUTSIDE- Some would say your over the hill…….
INSIDE- I just think your going to die this year.

OUTSIDE- On your wedding day…..
INSIDE- I slept with your sister.

OUTSIDE- For my wife…
INSIDE- Did you look under the couch?

OUTSIDE- This valentines day…..
INSIDE- Lets see other people.

OUTSIDE- Now that your graduating High school.
INSIDE- You should know that Sparky didn’t run away…..