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July 16, 2008


Dear CNN.

I have watched your broadcasts from the comfort of my living room for a couple years now. What I have noticed, is an absolute lack of respect for the viewer. You consider us stupid, and easily manipulated. Fear is your ally in the quest to control the American people. You wonder why we don't respect your broadcasts and get our news from satirical "fake news" outlets. The reason is, you've become about as trustworthy as a crackhead with a borrowed stereo. You can have all the faith in the world, but in the back of your mind, you know he'll pawn it. A biased news network has become as commonplace as MacDonald's in our society. The people you are dealing with, for the vast majority don't have the resources or time to visit these countries and see what's going on for themselves. Journalism should be the hunt for truth in an effort to tell these people what they are missing, not to manipulate them. Your style of journalism is similar to the world's strongest man, punching a baby in the mouth. Not hard to do, but not something to tell your friends about over a beer. Is it really that much easier to fill space with terrifying ideas rather than the truth?

Stop trying to ban words and "dangerous" ideas. Words can't actually hurt you. The reason a bad word is bad, is only the societal connotation.  We can't even use our own language anymore! You try to scare people using their kids. That's despicable, they are the weakest link in society. first you get people terrified about they're kids getting hurt. Then you procede to poke the wound you've created until it's a festering cyst of worry. Kids are watching too much violent t.v. What's the solution to this problem? Just an idea. You should be a parent! Keep an eye on your shitty kids. "Oh no! our kids will choke on toys and die." Teach your kids not to eat toys, or let them learn once. If they choke? Well, they probably wouldn't go far anyway. Oh no. The terrorists are going to kill us. Can we do anything about it? Not so far. By the way, when was the last North American attack? Oh not for a while eh? Oh so I guess it's time to focus on an imaginary, forthcoming attack! An attack that is probably a fabrication for ratings or a distraction technique. Why don't you focus on the fact that people are blowing them selves up in the middle east because they have more important things to worry about right now, and that north America is pretty safe.

If you are going to scare the public, why don't you scare them with the truth. Your President is a crazy war monger, your vice president is shooting old men in the face, you have a Nazi prison camp in Cuba (WHERE TORTURE IS USED) your system is so corrupt that votes are like presidential toilet paper, your empire is about to face the biggest economical downfall seen since the great depression and your constitution is being torn up and made into little origami swans. These are real problems, they have to be fixed and not being douchebags is the only way to do it. 

As a people you are perpetuating the stereotype of the stupid American. Read classic literature and some history. Look backwards, then look at your present situation, I'll give you a place to start. Rome versus Gaul. You are on the path to an Orwellian control based society that takes rights from it's people, and let's them think it's for their own safety. You as a News organization have the responsibility of informing yourselves and the people you broadcast to. Please, for the sake of the rest of the world, be part of the solution not the problem.

P.S. Stop putting religeous assholes on your channel, you're just giving them an outlet for their bullshit.

Thank you

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