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October 08, 2009


So I've been out of commision for a week or so....in the hospital.  I would like to thank everyone for the cards, flowers, prayers, (not ONE of you bastards noticed I was missing!)  So as I lay dying in my ICU bed, I am on the path to recovery, and should be fine.
   On October 1st, I awoke at 5:55a.m. to terrible chills.  I was so cold, that I called my mother (with whom I live).  I called the home phone with my cell phone. My teeth were chattering so hard, I was afraid I would chip them.  I knew I had a kick ass fever.  I had been to the E.R. two nights ago for a 1 cm kidney stone stuck in my right ureter.  For all of you non-medical types out there, your ureters are the tubes that pass your urine to your bladder.  Well, my stone was so big, my urine wasn't passing into my bladder, it was backing up into my kidney and into my blood stream, causing sepsis, and a fever of 105 degrees.  
  blah blah blah, it sucked, i was really sick, now I have a tube in my right kidney with a bag of pee on the end called a nephrostomy.  I can pee standing up and play swords with my boyfriend.  It's pretty cool.  I still have to get the stone busted, but to anyone that has ever endured a kidney stone, we should be in like, a secret society....get a special ring or something.  I want my own custom ribbon....a camoflage ribbon....you need to be army strong for this shit!