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October 17, 2009


I want to thank everybody for participating in the first (NPISC) NO PUNT INTENDED Sports Cap. I hope those of you who took part had fun with it. I chose a REAL sport to start the caps but I wanted it to not be an action shot that you all had to work with. Although, I guess spewing is considered an action. I’ve gotten many great suggestions as to what kinds of sports to post caps with. I will try to use as many weird, silly, and obscure sports that are out there. Hopefully, you all will have a good time with this.


I will take the first day’s offerings and vote on them as soon as I get a chance to go over them. Like WSS, we will have: “received votes”; AKA-(honorable mentions) and “Win, Place, or Show”; AKA- (Gold, Silver, or Bronze).  


TODAY’S CAPTION-------- fun with the sport of chasing cheese! YES! SOME CALL THIS A SPORT!


Good Luck-Jams3kds