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Published April 16, 2009
yeah~like the title~i'm a Taiwanese.but i'm not in the U.S. what i want to say is..."i'm exploring America culturessssssssss."Actually,go to America and live there is my dream. i don't really know why~i love America a lot.people there are funny and humorous~haha~right !my english NOW isn't best~but i try my best to learn^_________^if you guys would like to make friends with me .REMEMBER!!!DON'T leave some HARD words ~~~!!! or you could explain what's the mean~   Although i'm facing a really BIG exam in taiwan. i still a colorful Girl~lovin' hip-hop, pop,dance, a act front my friends n family,basketball,tennis,many sports N traval of guitar, eletrcity guitar,play deejay(oh!yes~i learn and play it all)many ,movies,read...etc.Aww!TOOO detai N to muchl! just say~everything maybe~yeah yeah i know~ i would try my best to prepare my test~it's ture~! i don't want to be a "VASE".(do you guys in america use it to describe a girl who just can play but know nothing?)a lot want to say~but i need to bed~'cause here is a.m. 12 o'clock!good luck guys!   xoxoxo