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December 05, 2009


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A gemstone is a mineral, rock, such in the case of lapis lazuli, an organic material, such as amber, or petrified material that when cut or faceted and polished is collectible or can be used in jewelry. The word natural is used when the gemstone is mined, acquired from the earth naturally. The gem stones that are prepared or manufactured in the laboratories by humans are called as synthetic gemstone, man made gemstones, laboratory gemstone or lab stones. There are over 2000 minerals or list of gemstones in the world, and of which approximately 90 are classified as gem material, and only a half or so, are used in the jewelry trade. To be classified, as a gem sotne the material will have certain characteristics, amongst which BEAUTY would certainly be one. Other factors include DURABILITY, RARITY, DEMAND, TRADITION and PORTABILITY, which also help establish value.